Alien Workshop in Detroit Footage Log

Raw footage featuring the Alien Workshop team during the early days of filming for Bunker Down. Released by The Sovereign Sect to coincide with our Joey Guevara interview.

Backstory by Brant Van Boening, Sect Liaison

“The footage compiled here was pretty much a summary, or b-roll, from the inaugural filming trip once the team was put together. Which would have been in April 2015. As Joey probably said, he knows Miguel well. But having Frankie (Spears), Paul (Lilliani) and Max (Garson) with him; I believe they were meeting each other for the first time. Brandon (Nguyen) was not officially on at the time but I have a hunch that this was edited in a way that was almost propaganda for him, because he clearly kills it and was a great fit for the team… Or Brennan is just way ahead of me and knew it was inevitable anyway.

It’s rare to be able to capture moments like this in my opinion, where people are slowly becoming comfortable with each other and making friendships. Miguel had sent this over just as a footage log, but this song happened to be playing in the office at the time. Phil (Valois, Workshop Art Department) pressed play on the file, and it just fit perfectly so we thought it would be appropriate to edit it in. Some of this footage you will have seen in bunker_down as well as in Joey’s Imperial Motion welcome clip. Some things were edited out and saved for other projects but I really liked the pace and aesthetic captured. As definitely the kind of guy to geek out on a push or roll away that may normally get clipped when editing a part, I’m stoked to be able to share this on behalf of The Sovereign Sect.”

Joey Guevara, Frontside Noseblunt, Photo - Miguel Valle
Joey Guevara, frontside nosebluntslide, photo by Miguel Valle. Click to read Joey’s interview discussing getting on Alien Workshop and filming for ‘Bunker Down’.


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