Josh Stewart talks Life After ‘Static IV’ & Theories of Atlantis

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Josh Stewart extended Theories of Atlantis Static IV interview photo Pep Kim Speedway Skateboarding Magazine
Photo: Pep Kim

Since giving a fond farewell to the ‘Static’ series in 2014, Josh Stewart has been devoted to his esteemed distribution company, Theories of Atlantis. Operating out of his apartment in Williamsburg, Brooklyn – the lack of a full length monkey (and camera bag) on his back has allowed Josh more time to focus on the Theories brand itself.

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Nick Jensen on Art, Isle & ‘Vase’

“Basically, in the way that a lot of our graphics are still lives made in the studio, Jake and I were thinking about how do we extend the static photograph of that into a video? How do you translate that? Coming up with Vase is a punctuation of that narrative for us.” Continue reading Nick Jensen on Art, Isle & ‘Vase’