Tom Knox on ‘Vase’ & Isle Skateboards

Tom Knox has been a well known figure in the UK scene for about ten years now and following the release of Isle Skateboards’ ‘Vase’, his exposure to the wider world felt like it was a long time coming. After delivering an outstanding opening part in possibly the most important British skateboard video since Blueprint’s ‘Lost And Found’ [2005] it is hard to think of someone who deserves to have their name (well, initials) on a board more than Tom. With fatherhood imminent towards the end of last year, Tom managed to find a spare hour talk all things London, Isle Skateboards, ‘Vase’ and his friendship with Jacob Harris. 

December 30th 2015,  9:19pm.

Tom Knox, portrait by Henry Kingsford
Portrait by Henry Kingsford.

What part of London are you from and who did you grow up skating with?

I’m from North London; Finsbury Park to be precise. I grew up skating with my brothers in the area I’m from, some of them used to skate, some still do. The guys I was at school with skated so I was always with them and then I started making trips into Central London. That’s how I met the people I skate with now mostly.

You’ve had a few different sponsors over the years before Isle and New Balance Numeric. Including Blueprint during the Make Friends With The Colour Blue [2010] era. How did that come about?

Jake (Harris) actually started filming for Blueprint right near the end of that video. I think (Dan) Magee met Jake once and asked him if he wanted to film some stuff, I guess he knew he could film with a VX pretty well. Through that, Jake showed (Paul) Shier and Magee my footage and they were down to start giving me some boards. Continue reading “Tom Knox on ‘Vase’ & Isle Skateboards”


Josh Wilson & Dick Rizzo on Quasi Skateboards, New York City and Bronze56K

JW DR New Header

What’s a standard day like for you guys; do you work jobs, go to college or anything like that?

Dick: Right now, it’s just skating. I pulled myself out of college a month ago, shit was bugging me out and I decided that now wasn’t the time.

Josh: Usually I make some breakfast and coffee and then hit the streets to skate, weather permitting. I graduated from college last spring and since then I’ve just been skating and working odd jobs.

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