Australia, Breaking His Face & Turning Pro with Josh Pall

josh-pall-interview-title-speedway-skateboarding-magazinejosh-pall-interview-speedway-skateboarding-magazine-photo-thomas-robinsonEasy Josh, what time is it in Oz right now? About half nine/half ten?

I’m half ten. I had an early night, I was just going to bed and was like, “Oh, fuck!” Emailed you and then fell asleep. Got the interview anyway I guess, (laughs). But yeah, just woke up.

Sorry for the delay getting back in touch with you…

Oh man, it’s sweet. Yesterday I was helping my girlfriend move out and then when you were actually calling me I was talking to Middsey (Chris Middlebrook), the Nike TM over here. He just got back and every conversation with him is at least an hour long. Just catching up and stuff so could hear the beeps come through and you trying to call but yeah, we made it, (laughs).

Let’s get this going then. So, you got on Nike SB shortly after Gravis went under, how did that come around?

Gravis pretty much went bust overnight and I just kept skating like normal and got shoes off friends or whoever. Then Middsey had a chat to me and was up for it, he gave me some shoes to try out and that’s pretty much it. I was just about to go on a little trip to New Zealand with some mates and from there it continued. Then I officially got on and started filming this part.

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In Good Company with Chris Johnson


While the title of CJ’s current exhibition, In Good Company, refers to the skateboarders he has photographed over the years, it is also a fitting way to describe the man in question. Having covered a handful of events this past summer alongside him – Chris has provided laughs, booze, (some) structure to the occasions and always made for an amusing time. Ranging from what was supposed to be quick interviews spanning into hour long discussions to spending a taxi ride with Mike O’Meally MCing the whole journey (much to the driver’s displeasure while Chris and myself were in stitches) – it has been a pleasure getting to know the guy who’s shot some of the most iconic images of UK skateboarding over the past few years.

chris-johnson-bold-street-coffee-in-good-company-exhibition-speedway-skateboarding-magazine-interviewFollowing on from a trip to Liverpool for the launch of Geoff Rowley’s new shoe, Russ Longmire at Bold Street Coffee approached Chris in regards to hosting his own exhibition. It seemed a fitting time to talk all things skateboarding photography related so read on for a few thoughts on the UK skate scene, cover stories  and more from the rad dad with a bad back and Sidewalk Magazine’s senior lens pointer.

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A Quasi Interview with Chad Bowers


Collection 2.1 Preview

Skateboarders the world over have spent a good couple of weeks questioning why Mother Collective, one of the most well received companies of this current small brand ‘renaissance’ suddenly switched their moniker to Quasi Skateboards. Without realising, there’s been hints of this change for a little while now…

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