Useless Wooden Toys with David Mackey

"Inevitably it will still get called Lost Art as a skate shop because that's what it is. The two go hand in hand."


Josh Stewart talks Life After ‘Static IV’ & Theories of Atlantis

"I feel at a certain point it's better to end something with dignity instead of milk it. People have said: "You should do Static Skateboards," but I feel that turns it into something it wasn't meant to be."

Our Friends On The Mersey: Kevin Banks & John Dalton

Kevin Banks & John Dalton talk Liverpool skateboarding history, Geoff Rowley and much more.


Nick Jensen on Art, Isle & ‘Vase’

"They'll love it, but in a slightly more patronising way."


London, Long Live Southbank & Isle with Casper Brooker

"The classic kick out quote is, “Why don’t you go to the place along the river?” But that has been the quote for years..."


An Interview about ‘Vase’ with Jacob Harris

"I think it should be a tool rather than this thing that’s put on a pedestal… and I realize the poster image for the video is a fucking VX and we put it on a pedestal too..."


Black Sheep, Manchester & New Balance Numeric with Paul Harrison & Tez Robinson

"You can choose a team that reflects the brand well without the dollars and the aggression and all the rest of it."