Josh Stewart talks Life After ‘Static IV’ & Theories of Atlantis

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Josh Stewart extended Theories of Atlantis Static IV interview photo Pep Kim Speedway Skateboarding Magazine
Photo: Pep Kim

Since giving a fond farewell to the ‘Static’ series in 2014, Josh Stewart has been devoted to his esteemed distribution company, Theories of Atlantis. Operating out of his apartment in Williamsburg, Brooklyn – the lack of a full length monkey (and camera bag) on his back has allowed Josh more time to focus on the Theories brand itself.

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Our Friends On The Mersey: Kevin Banks & John Dalton




Photo: Ash Wilson. All other photography courtesy of Kev unless credited otherwise.

Skateboard scenes are microcosmic, filled with their own rich history and folklore passed down from generation to generation. Thankfully, every period produces at least one person who picks up a camera and, in the process of capturing those around them, unintentionally becomes one of the most important figures of their epoch.

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Nick Jensen on Art, Isle & ‘Vase’

Anticipating an upcoming Isle Skateboards section in TransWorld’s ‘The Cinematographer Project World View’, a series of interviews conducted in the lead up to ‘Vase’ will be uploaded throughout this week! Here’s the final instalment with Nick Jensen and featuring Jacob Harris, originally published December 2015.




Due to having not seen ‘Vase’ at the time the following conversation took place, I invited Jacob Harris along to fill in for any absent information on my part. It also seemed deserving for Jake to spend some time on the other side of an interview…

As an integral part of Isle Skateboards, Nick Jensen has been unique in the process  of creating ‘Vase’, experiencing it from  the perspective of both a skateboarder and film maker through assisting Jake with the 16mm camera work and developing the video’s art direction. 

With opinions on skateboarding are just as interesting as his actions when riding a board alongside consistently releasing video parts, many of which are regarded as classics; it was a real privilege to talk all things Isle and ‘Vase’ with Nick.

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London, Long Live Southbank & Isle with Casper Brooker

With great anticipation and excitement towards an upcoming Isle Skateboards section in TransWorld’s ‘The Cinematographer Project World View’, a series of interviews conducted in the lead up to ‘Vase’ will be uploaded throughout this week! Here’s part two featuring Casper Brooker, originally published November 2015.


casper-brooker-portrait-photo-james-griffiths-isle-skateboards-vase-interview-speedway-skateboarding-magazineThere is a good chance that you haven’t seen a great deal of footage from Casper Brooker since his appearance in the 2012 Slam City Skates video ‘City of Rats’. However, if you attended a premiere of Isle Skateboards’ ‘Vase’ then you will no a doubt be looking forward to whatever comes next. Casper’s skating has matured over the last few years, which is evident from his first few tricks in the video and cemented by the time you reach his ridiculous ender. With ‘Vase’ due in skate shops soon, I got in touch for a few words from Casper about how his year has been so far and what is next now that this project has come to an end.

photo – James Griffiths courtesy of Rock Solid Distribution.

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An Interview about ‘Vase’ with Jacob Harris

With great anticipation and excitement towards an upcoming Isle Skateboards section in TransWorld’s ‘The Cinematographer Project, World View’, a series of interviews conducted in the lead up to ‘Vase’ will be uploaded throughout this week! Here’s the first, originally published in November 2015.


portrait – Finn Andres

With full length skateboard videos becoming a rarer commodity, those that do surface are celebrated dearly. Combine that with a group of skateboarders, most of whom a part of the Blueprint legacy, and you can start to understand the excitement and anticipation surrounding Isle Skateboards’ first video production ‘Vase’.

The man behind the video is Jacob Harris. Whilst Jake currently spends most of his time behind the lens or in the editing studio, he is also an incredibly talented skater himself (being sponsored by Slam and flowed by HUF should be proof enough of this). With the countdown for ‘Vase’ ticking away I sat down for a discussion with Jake about his creative process, the upcoming Isle video, ‘Eleventh Hour’ and more.

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Black Sheep, Manchester & New Balance Numeric with Paul Harrison & Tez Robinson


“Do you know there is a Black Sheep in America?”

“Yeah, we’re doing a shoe with them.”

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Working Life & WKND Skateboards with Johan Stuckey


Johan Stuckey has previously been described as ‘Your favourite pro’s favourite flow bro.’ Thankfully, it seems that this is starting to come to an end as he is now an important part of  WKND Skateboards. Despite a couple of rough set backs, both within skateboarding and relationship wise, Johan has a positive outlook, warm personality and friendly tone in his voice leaving you hard pressed not to smile.

I actually spoke with Johan twice to do this interview and even during his daze the second time around, due to being up in the early hours of the morning, he was just as fun and interesting to chat to. Read on to hear Jo-Jo’s thoughts on WKND, juggling a regular job around skateboarding and sponsor situations both new and old.


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