Antonio Durao – Noseslide Pop Up (Backside 360 Off), Manhattan, New York




The HUF Worldwide team took to the home of found Keith Hufnagel with power and finesse from Brad Cromer and Austyn Gillette, accompanied by amateur riders Dick Rizzo, Jake Anderson and Matt Gottwig and special Brendan Carroll, on this big apple excursion.

Cromer and Gillette deliver NBDs on a couple of NY spot staples and the footage of Austyn’s recent fakie 360 flip Transworld cover is every bit as incredible as you would imagine. This also marks Rizzo, Anderson and Gotwig’s first trip since their introduction to HUF and ‘The Flamboyant Three’ are definitely solid additions to the DBC who you will be seeing a lot more of.

Check out a gallery from the trip, shot by Jonathan Merhing, over at Transworld and read our interview with Dick Rizzo (alongside Quasi cohort Josh Wilson) by clicking below.

New Jersey boy on a jersey barrier – Dick Rizzo lipslides in NYC. Photo: Mehring courtesy of TWS.

Working Life & WKND Skateboards with Johan Stuckey


Johan Stuckey has previously been described as ‘Your favourite pro’s favourite flow bro.’ Thankfully, it seems that this is starting to come to an end as he is now an important part of  WKND Skateboards. Despite a couple of rough set backs, both within skateboarding and relationship wise, Johan has a positive outlook, warm personality and friendly tone in his voice leaving you hard pressed not to smile.

I actually spoke with Johan twice to do this interview and even during his daze the second time around, due to being up in the early hours of the morning, he was just as fun and interesting to chat to. Read on to hear Jo-Jo’s thoughts on WKND, juggling a regular job around skateboarding and sponsor situations both new and old.


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