Austyn Gillette – ‘Quik’ Raw

Raw cut of 'QUIK' featuring Austyn Gillette and filmed/edited by Colin Kennedy.



Marking the anniversary of David Bowie's passing, celebrate the starman's influence on skateboarding with a few favourite video parts from over the years.

‘Atlantic Drift’ by Jacob Harris

A Jacob Harris produced short video featuring Casper Brooker, Chris Jones, Mike Arnold, Nick Jensen, Remy Taveira, Silvain Tognelli and Tom Knox.


Nick Jensen on Art, Isle & ‘Vase’

"They'll love it, but in a slightly more patronising way."


London, Long Live Southbank & Isle with Casper Brooker

"The classic kick out quote is, “Why don’t you go to the place along the river?” But that has been the quote for years..."


An Interview about ‘Vase’ with Jacob Harris

"I think it should be a tool rather than this thing that’s put on a pedestal… and I realize the poster image for the video is a fucking VX and we put it on a pedestal too..."