MADE Chapter Two


On September 21st, the crowds gathered outside London’s Prince Charles Cinema for the premiere of MADE Chapter Two; the fifth Emerica video and fourth to be directed by Jon Miner. It’s easy to forget 1997’s Yellow came before the classic This Is Skateboarding in 2003. Probably as the iconic image of Emerica we know, that of greens and golds, is Miner’s Emerica. MADE Chapter Two has been around three years in the making and in hindsight makes its predecessor, 2013’s MADE Chapter One, feel like a prequel to this lengthier feature. The video of boasts footage of the whole team, a new rider, a full part from comeback kid Kevin ‘Spanky’ Long and a ‘retired’ legend whose one trick got the loudest cheer of the video. Anyway… Green hue, names, action.

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Alien Workshop: A Year In Retrospect


“All of the rumours keeping me grounded…”

Over the past year Alien Workshop has faced its most difficult period, with ownership passing through numerous hands, alongside icons, (both young and old), departing from the company. As if to overshadow what would happen to Alien in subsequent years, Morrissey’s lyrics that accompanied Heath Kirchart in ‘Mind Field’ have become a fitting epitaph to the final days of one of the greatest skateboard companies to exist.

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