Dylan Rieder by Martin Reigel

HUF filmer Martin Reigel recently put a together touching video in memory of Dylan Rieder featuring footage from his pro shoe commercial and HUF trips alongside a couple of unseen feats of iconic nonchalance.

Several magazine’s have created their own nods to skateboarding’s man in black with The Skateboard Mag and Thrasher editions currently on shelves and Transworld’s issue arriving shortly. What Youth dedicated their sixteenth instalment in it’s entirety to the memory of Dylan and every page and word is golden. The whole issue is curated by Mark Oblow with all proceeds befitting the Dylan Rieder Foundation and you can pick up copy via What Youth’s webstore.

Read our tribute to Dylan here. Rest easy champ, the world misses you.



The National Skateboard Co. Video [2016]

Over the last four years The National Skateboard Co. has amassed a team of underrated skateboarding talent from the UK and beyond alongside consistently producing a diverse range of graphics to match to their eclectic team. Released earlier this year, in just as nondescript packaging akin to their first mysteriously branded products, The National’s first full length video is online for your viewing pleasure.

Standout parts are bookended from Vaughan Jones and Joshua ‘Manhead’ Young who is now, deservedly, pro for TNSC. And also may be the first pro skateboarder originating from West Yorkshire since Paul Silvester, which feels appropriate for some nickname based reason… Set half an hour aside then go buy a hard copy whilst you still can and support quality UK skateboarding.

Welcome Skate Store – ‘RWTBarcelona’

The Welcome Skate Store boys escaped the winter with a week long jaunt in Barcelona which saw Mike Clarkson, Liam Hobson, George Worthington, Dale Starkie, Dean Greensmith, Sam Hutchinson, Martyn Hill, Tom Zealand, Will Sheerin and Cainan McEwan bless Catalonian concrete with West Yorkshire finesse.

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Seb Batty & Jackson Davis – New Balance Numeric x Black Sheep

In celebration of the New Balance Numeric ‘Black Sheep vs Black Sheep’ collaboration, Seb Batty (Black Sheep Manchester shop rider) flew out to skate with the crew at Black Sheep Skate Shop of Charlotte, North Carolina.

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Black Sheep, Manchester & New Balance Numeric with Paul Harrison & Tez Robinson


“Do you know there is a Black Sheep in America?”

“Yeah, we’re doing a shoe with them.”

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