Australia, Breaking His Face & Turning Pro with Josh Pall

josh-pall-interview-title-speedway-skateboarding-magazinejosh-pall-interview-speedway-skateboarding-magazine-photo-thomas-robinsonEasy Josh, what time is it in Oz right now? About half nine/half ten?

I’m half ten. I had an early night, I was just going to bed and was like, “Oh, fuck!” Emailed you and then fell asleep. Got the interview anyway I guess, (laughs). But yeah, just woke up.

Sorry for the delay getting back in touch with you…

Oh man, it’s sweet. Yesterday I was helping my girlfriend move out and then when you were actually calling me I was talking to Middsey (Chris Middlebrook), the Nike TM over here. He just got back and every conversation with him is at least an hour long. Just catching up and stuff so could hear the beeps come through and you trying to call but yeah, we made it, (laughs).

Let’s get this going then. So, you got on Nike SB shortly after Gravis went under, how did that come around?

Gravis pretty much went bust overnight and I just kept skating like normal and got shoes off friends or whoever. Then Middsey had a chat to me and was up for it, he gave me some shoes to try out and that’s pretty much it. I was just about to go on a little trip to New Zealand with some mates and from there it continued. Then I officially got on and started filming this part.

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Austyn Gillette talks knee injuries, 3D Skateboards & HUF Worldwide

After having a conversation with Austyn I was surprised by how quiet he is, now some might perceive this as arrogance but this isn’t the case what so ever. Austyn is humble and unlike most people within skateboarding, actually seems to consider what he’s about to say before doing so. Due to the people he’s associated with, it would be easy to assume that Austyn as is fashion-focused as his ‘Team Handsome’ cohorts Dylan Rieder and Alex Olson but again, contrary to what you might expect, this isn’t the case at all – no portfolio and headshots for this guy, (though he’s partial to suiting up if the situation calls for it…)

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Geoff Rowley on Liverpool, Filming for Propeller & the Rowley [SOLOS]

Geoff Liver Building

In celebration of his new pro model, last weekend Lost Art hosted a launch event of the Rowley [SOLOS]. This consisted of a heavy street mission, a showing of Propeller and Owain John’s local video ‘Grow Up’ and a photography exhibition featuring the man himself. Due to the imminent arrival of Geoff’s second kid, he couldn’t make it to the occasion, which was unfortunate but completely understandable but the turnout was amazing nonetheless with a fantastic atmosphere carried throughout the day. With Propeller wrapped up and another part that definitely didn’t disappoint under his belt; Geoff is still busy as ever juggling fatherhood, Flip and Civilware to name a few of his responsibilities nowadays. Despite this and thanks to his unquestionable work ethic, he still found time to chat with us regarding his new shoe, filming for Propeller, returning to Liverpool and whether or not we’ve seen the last of him as far as video parts go…

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Dave Mackey Discusses Geoff Rowley’s Legacy, Liverpool History & Lost Art


When I heard Lost Art was having a launch event for Geoff Rowley’s new Vans shoe, I was as good as there. Though this was only something like the fifth time I’ve visited Liverpool and the shop, it feels incredibly familiar. Not just the places but the attitude of the locals too. In the two years I’ve known Ollie Birch I must have skated with him a handful of times but he was more than happy to let me snooze on his couch for the night so I could come down for this. At this point already it should be apparent that any misconceptions of Liverpool being unwelcoming are askew as the skateboarders from there are all some of the nicest people I’ve ever met.

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