Austyn Gillette talks knee injuries, 3D Skateboards & HUF Worldwide

After having a conversation with Austyn I was surprised by how quiet he is, now some might perceive this as arrogance but this isn’t the case what so ever. Austyn is humble and unlike most people within skateboarding, actually seems to consider what he’s about to say before doing so. Due to the people he’s associated with, it would be easy to assume that Austyn as is fashion-focused as his ‘Team Handsome’ cohorts Dylan Rieder and Alex Olson but again, contrary to what you might expect, this isn’t the case at all – no portfolio and headshots for this guy, (though he’s partial to suiting up if the situation calls for it…)

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Footwear Sponsors & Factory Records with Tom Karangelov


Towards the end of last summer, the New Balance Numeric team were accompanied by Russell Houghton and James Messina, taking up residency in Manchester whilst visiting various UK cities on a filming trip for an upcoming web clip. Two weeks prior I’d been lucky enough to ask NB#’s and newest member to the 3D Skateboards team, Tom Karangelov, a few questions. With ‘Quids In’ debuting today this seemed like the perfect opportunity to get this very, very long overdue interview online – sorry Tom! So without further hesitation, get to know the humble, friendly and all around rad skateboarder and person that is Tom Karangelov before checking out NB# and Russell Houghten’s latest visual offering. 

As one of today’s most interesting yet underrated skateboarders, I’m thankful to see Tom Karangelov has gained some recognition he certainly deserves over the last year. Following on from a standout part in Zero’s ‘Cold War’, he’s since caught attention in New Balance Numeric’s visual outings and recently accompanied Brian Anderson and Austyn Gillette as the much speculated and anticipated third amigo of 3D Skateboards. No stranger to hard work and with good ethics for it, Tom is far friendlier, approachable and enthusiastic than his enigmatic and seemingly quiet nature suggests. Having achieved the habitually thought of dream of quitting a regular job to peruse skateboarding, he has nothing but gratuity for the chances he’s been given. Someone who would rather call it quits and skate for fun rather than milk it for what it’s worth; Kirchart, for the Street League generation…

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