‘Hating Life’ – A4 Distribution [1999]

What a month it has been for classic UK skateboarding videos coming out of theHating Life A4 Distribution Neil Chester 1999 full video Speedway Skateboarding Magazine woodwork!

The latest to be dusted off and digitised is Neil Chester’s 1999 video for A4 Distribution (which would later become Sole Technology UK) – ‘Hating Life’. Filmed over two years, ‘Hating Life’ eatures the combined talents of the UK Emerica, etnies and éS teams including Mike Manzoori, Scott Palmer, Mark Baines and Garry Woodward just to name a few.

Stick the kettle on and bask in some nostalgia with some perfect fuel to get out skating this weekend. Be sure to visit Sidewalk Magazine’s interview with Chester and Manzoori for a bit of  follow up reading too.




Blueprint Skateboards – ‘First Broadcast’ [2001]

The follow up to Waiting For The World, and although not strictly a Blueprint video, First Broadcast was helmed by Dan Magee and Adam Mondon who took creative charge of the brand at the time.

First Broadcast showcased the two heaviest board companies in British skateboarding of the early 2000s: Blueprint and Unabomber.

Appearances from both camps include sections from Paul Shier, Colin Kennedy, Mark Baines, John Rattray, Frank Stephens, Nick Jensen and Vaughan Baker, Scott Palmer and Danny Brady.

Blueprint Skateboards – ‘Waiting For The World’ [2000]

This will definitely be of joy to those whose VHS copies and players are battered beyond repair and replacement…

Blueprint Skateboards first video, Waiting For The World, is now available to view online thanks to Dan Magee and Slam City Skates.

The first official video outing from the seminal British skateboarding company features Scott Palmer, Nick Jensen, Paul Shier, Mark Baines, Paul Carter, Carl Shipman, Channon King, Colin Kennedy, Andres Holguin, John Rattray alongside the Octagon Wheels team.

This video really needs no introduction so put the kettle on, sit back and enjoy.

The National Skateboard Co. Video [2016]

Over the last four years The National Skateboard Co. has amassed a team of underrated skateboarding talent from the UK and beyond alongside consistently producing a diverse range of graphics to match to their eclectic team. Released earlier this year, in just as nondescript packaging akin to their first mysteriously branded products, The National’s first full length video is online for your viewing pleasure.

Standout parts are bookended from Vaughan Jones and Joshua ‘Manhead’ Young who is now, deservedly, pro for TNSC. And also may be the first pro skateboarder originating from West Yorkshire since Paul Silvester, which feels appropriate for some nickname based reason… Set half an hour aside then go buy a hard copy whilst you still can and support quality UK skateboarding.

Polar Skate Co. – ‘I like it here inside my mind, don’t wake me this time.’ [2016]

A surprise treat from Polar Skate Co. who have seen fit to upload their highly anticipated masterpiece, ‘I like it here inside my mind, don’t wake me this time.’

Featuring Hjalte Halberg, Aaron Herrington, Pontus Alv, Kevin Rodrigues, Dane Brady, Oskar Rosenberg Halberg and more, Polar’s debut full length video is accompanied by an eclectic soundtrack which occasionally references a couple of iconic skate videos alongside astounding art direction which propelling you on an incredible journey throughout Polar’s native Scandinavian skate scene to New York, Paris, Northern England and beyond

Set aside an hour, grab a hardcopy of the video from your local skate shop and indulge in some related reading by following the below links. For more on Polar visit Keen Dist’s blog.

Aaron Herrington for Sidewalk Magazine / Hjalte Halberg for Welcome Skate Store / Pontus Alv for Transworld Skateboarding

‘Fresh Eggs and Coke.’ by Myles Rushforth [2016]

Barnsley’s handsome devil presents a new Yorkshire based scene video ‘Fresh Eggs and Coke’ featuring Will Creswick, Long Pearskid, George reid, James Tudor, Rob Salmon, Ian Brown, Ben Moulson, Reece Leung, Matty Smith, Owen Silverwood, Paul ‘Wapo’ Watson, Josh Cox, Laurie O’ Hara, Ben Rowles, Nathan ‘Panda’ Smith, Dave Morgan, Alan Callaghan, Mark Stern, Mark Kemp, Mani Haddon, Sam ‘Blinky’ Hutchinson, Myles Rushforth, Scott Parkin, Eamon Croghan, Farran Golding and Alex Bird.