Transworld Skateboarding – ‘The Cinematographer Project, World View’ – Isle Skateboards

The folks at Transworld have uploaded Isle Skateboards’ entry to the most recent ‘Cinematographer Project ‘ video in all of its etherial glory.

Titled ‘Genealogy’ and filmed by Jacob Harris – the video is a poignant exploration of the companies’ history through the back catalogue of Tom Knox, Nick Jensen, Paul Shier, Chris Jones, Casper Brooker, Sylvain Tognelli and Jon Nguyen in videos such as Blueprint’s Waiting For The World, First BroadcastLost & Found, Make Friends With The Colour Blue, Josh Stewart’s Static 2, Lakai’s Fully Flared  and Harris’ own videos Eleventh Hour and Vase.

For more on Isle Skateboards have a read of our interviews with Tom Knox, Nick Jensen, Casper Brooker and Jacob Harris by clicking below.

Tom Knox Isle Skateboards Vase interview home image Speedway Skateboarding Magazine
Casper Brooker Isle Skateboards Vase interview home image Speedway Skateboarding Magazine
Nick Jensen Isle Skateboards Vase Interview Speedway Skateboarding Magazine
Jacob Harris Isle Skateboards Vase interview home image Speedway Skateboarding Magazine

Blueprint Skateboards – ‘First Broadcast’ [2001]

The follow up to Waiting For The World, and although not strictly a Blueprint video, First Broadcast was helmed by Dan Magee and Adam Mondon who took creative charge of the brand at the time.

First Broadcast showcased the two heaviest board companies in British skateboarding of the early 2000s: Blueprint and Unabomber.

Appearances from both camps include sections from Paul Shier, Colin Kennedy, Mark Baines, John Rattray, Frank Stephens, Nick Jensen and Vaughan Baker, Scott Palmer and Danny Brady.

Blueprint Skateboards – ‘Waiting For The World’ [2000]

This will definitely be of joy to those whose VHS copies and players are battered beyond repair and replacement…

Blueprint Skateboards first video, Waiting For The World, is now available to view online thanks to Dan Magee and Slam City Skates.

The first official video outing from the seminal British skateboarding company features Scott Palmer, Nick Jensen, Paul Shier, Mark Baines, Paul Carter, Carl Shipman, Channon King, Colin Kennedy, Andres Holguin, John Rattray alongside the Octagon Wheels team.

This video really needs no introduction so put the kettle on, sit back and enjoy.

Anthony Van Engelen – ‘Devil on Horseback’

AVE – three letters, no bullshit, a back catalogue featuring some of the best parts in history and the man who makes skateboarding’s collective knee’s go weak at the question: “Did you see that new AVE clip?”

AVE is the kind of skateboarder that makes me wish I could write boiltheocean-esque soliloquies about but I can’t so being a good old fashioned sycophant will have to do…

Coinciding with his recent Fucking Awesome board, FA have released a minute of AVE charging across the LA landscape and putting the hurt on all manner of walls whilst he’s at it. Get it watched, re-watch Propeller and also revisit our Terminator 2 remix of AVE’s ‘Propeller Raw Files’ whilst you’re at it.

George Smith in ‘Paul,’ by Welcome Skate Store

A couple of week’s back, Harrogate-turned-Leeds lens wielder, Josh Hallett premiered Welcome Skate Store’s first video ‘Paul,’ to a sold out audience at The Hyde Park Picture house.

Beers were cracked open, applause and fist bumps were given all around along with a great deal of laughter throughout the evening. Josh has crafted not just a great skateboarding video, but a funny one too.

As expected, all of the Welcome boys smash it but George Smith seemed to have those a little unfamiliar with the crew scratching their heads afterwards. Put simply, George a fucking powerhouse. No other words are needed to describe his actions on a skateboard so hit play, marvel at the pop then grab a copy of Paul, from Welcome’s website. Read Josh’s interview via Sidewalk Magazine whilst you’re at it too!

Habitat Skateboards X Twin Peaks

Habitat Skateboards Twin Peaks decks Speedway Skateboarding Magazine

The wonderful and weird world of David Lynch’s cult 1990s series has collided with the visual craftsmanship of Joe Castrucci and Habitat Skateboards.

Available at your local skate shop very soon, this collaboration is obviously in perfect timing with the return of Twin Peaks which will surely answer the lingering question of how Annie is alongside:

Why was Laura Palmer going to see Dale Cooper again in 25 years?

What’s Coop been up to in the Black Lodge while Bad Coop has been wreaking havoc on the world?

And finally, isn’t it too dreamy?

Habitat X Twin Peaks will be available at your local skate shop via Keen Distribution. so have a look at some the amazing graphics below before to get excited for the finest wood ride whilst drinking coffee as black as the night on a moonless night. Furthermore, with all this talk of David Lynch, we can’t help but think a Isle X Roy Orbison X ‘Blue Velvet’ mash up needs to happen…

Mike Hill for Supreme

Alien Workshop mastermind Mike Hill has teamed up with Supreme New York for a collaboration which invokes the timeless paper-mache aesthetic of Hill’s earliest graphics for the company.

Given the previous long running connection between the Workshop and Supreme, through mutual riders Jason Dill and Anthony Van Engelen, it’s surprising a collaboration like this hasn’t come sooner. Perhaps the now infamous hiatus the Workshop was forced to take in 2014 is the reason why this a collaboration with Hill himself, rather than the Sovereign Sect, but the appearance of Dill in the above video suggests the storm has blown over in the aftermath of the Workshop’s rebirth.

After turning Yaje Popson and Joey Guevara pro last month any reasons for doubting this incarnation of the The Sovereign Sect are rapidly disappearing. Hopefully this collaboration flies over the hypebeasts’ head so have a browse of the collection below and have your fingers at the ready on Thursday morning!

Mike Hill X Supreme New York releases 11am on Thursday 23rd March at Supreme London and