Ty Beall – ‘Gospel’ by Venue Skateboards

Perhaps Instagram-dwindled attention spans have been the great leveller when it comes to full length skateboarding videos. While the medium is an increasingly lost art the few productions that have boasted physical incarnations over the last few years have been some of the best.

Venue Skateboards’ Old Dominion has been on repeat since it came out in 2013 and with news that their latest video, ‘Gospel’, was inbound this year it warranted more frequent viewings than usual up until The Palomino Club stocked up a couple of weeks back.

As with Old Dominion, Gospel is kicked off by Ty Beall and in the years since Venue’s last outing Ty has gone from Chocolate flow to well deserved Scum Co & Sons pro. In honour of this, Will Rosenstock has uploaded his part from Gospel so get watching, grab a copy from The Palomino (which includes a great quality zine featuring the Bust Crew boys), revisit Old Dominion and read Ol’ Gil talk about growing up with Ty and more things Richmond courtesy of Sidewalk Magazine.

‘Atlantic Drift’ by Jacob Harris – Episode 2: St Paul’s

A second instalment of etherial brilliance in the ‘Atlantic Drift’ series by Jacob Harris showcasing the result of Jake, Tom Knox and Isle Skateboards cohorts clocking in god knows how many hours and kick-outs from London’s chalky hallowed ground that is St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Obknoxiously good lines with perfect filming and editing from start to finish – this one is sure to get you hyped to go skate your favourite concrete playground now that the weather is picking up.

Revisit the first instalment of Atlantic Drift by clicking here alongside our Isle ‘Vase’ interview series with Jacob Harris, Casper Brooker, Nick Jensen and Tom Knox.

Joey Guevara – ‘Pyramid of the Sun’

Joey Guevara has working on this one since our interview with him last summer and with Joey and Yaje Popson taking up the mantle of Alien Workshop’s new pros, this part has fittingly coincided with their debut.

Top notch trick, spot selection and solid style from Joey which has significantly matured since Bunker_Down. Miguel Valle’s cinematography is also an excellent match for this incarnation of The Sovereign Sect and a complete lack of too-close-for-comfort VX angles is certainly refreshing. We’re confident of Miguel’s ability as the Workshop’s lens wielder and can’t wait to see what a potential full length may yield… Nice to see him pop up on the other side of the camera too!

For more from the Sect revisit Alien Workshop’s Detroit Footage Log, have a look at Joey and Yaje’s debut graphics or revisit our interview with Joey by clicking here.

Yaje Popson & Joey Guevara – Alien Workshop Pro Debut

East Coast transplant, lover of avocados and proud wearer of peacock-coloured pants, Yaje Popson is now pro for Alien Workshop alongside San Jose native, and the very first abductee of the reborn Sect, Joey Guevara.

Yaje has killed it over the last year, becoming the latest in East Coast lineage to ride for the Workshop after getting on a little over a year ago and his part in 2016’s the Dany video is a frequently revisited one! Check out the AWS Detroit footage log, featuring both Yaje and Joey, which The Sovereign Sect broadcasted on Speedway’s behalf and have a read of our interview with Joey from a little while back by clicking here.



Welcome Skate Store presents ‘Paul,’ – premiere details.

Welcome Skate Store are close to wrapping up their first full length shop video. Filmed by Josh Hallett, featuring George Smith, Will Sheerin, Liam Hobson, James ‘Foz’ Foster, Mike Clarkson, Tom Zealand, Mike Arnold alongside many more shop riders and associates, this is not one to be missed.

Titled ‘Paul,’ – tickets for the premiere are available on Welcome’s website so get yourself over to buy one and hang on to it after the prem as it warrants you a free copy of the DVD! Secure your seat for £3.50 by clicking here!

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FORMER – Austyn Gillette’s New Apparel Brand

A teaser for Austyn Gillette’s new apparel brand, FORMER, which is officially go as of yesterday.

Co-owned by Austyn, alongside Team Average surfer buddies Craig Anderson and Dane Reynolds – Dylan Rieder was also heavily involved before his tragic passing. If you’re a fan of noir imagery and smooth styles then it’s going to be one for you. We’re stoked on this one as it appears to pick up nicely where Analog Clothing left off in terms of a skate/surf hybrid where each half of the brand complimenting the other.

No word on any UK stockists of yet however FORMER’s webstore does have international  shipping. Find out more from Monster Children and their interview with the three owners by clicking the photo of Austyn below!


HUF CITY IPHONE by Brad Cromer

After rolling his ankle on a HUF trip to Japan, Brad Cromer decided to capture the team’s visit via the trusty medium of his iPhone camera. Phone footage or not, Brad’s clip is well edited and there’s some lovely slow mo skateboarding with Austyn Gillette and Dick Rizzo. That boardslide alone warrants repeated viewings, you’ll know the one when you see it…