Mike Hill for Supreme

Alien Workshop mastermind Mike Hill has teamed up with Supreme New York for a collaboration which invokes the timeless paper-mache aesthetic of Hill’s earliest graphics for the company.

Given the previous long running connection between the Workshop and Supreme, through mutual riders Jason Dill and Anthony Van Engelen, it’s surprising a collaboration like this hasn’t come sooner. Perhaps the now infamous hiatus the Workshop was forced to take in 2014 is the reason why this a collaboration with Hill himself, rather than the Sovereign Sect, but the appearance of Dill in the above video suggests the storm has blown over in the aftermath of the Workshop’s rebirth.

After turning Yaje Popson and Joey Guevara pro last month any reasons for doubting this incarnation of the The Sovereign Sect are rapidly disappearing. Hopefully this collaboration flies over the hypebeasts’ head so have a browse of the collection below and have your fingers at the ready on Thursday morning!

Mike Hill X Supreme New York releases 11am on Thursday 23rd March at Supreme London and www.supremenewyork.com


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