Ty Beall – ‘Gospel’ by Venue Skateboards

Perhaps Instagram-dwindled attention spans have been the great leveller when it comes to full length skateboarding videos. While the medium is an increasingly lost art the few productions that have boasted physical incarnations over the last few years have been some of the best.

Venue Skateboards’ Old Dominion has been on repeat since it came out in 2013 and with news that their latest video, ‘Gospel’, was inbound this year it warranted more frequent viewings than usual up until The Palomino Club stocked up a couple of weeks back.

As with Old Dominion, Gospel is kicked off by Ty Beall and in the years since Venue’s last outing Ty has gone from Chocolate flow to well deserved Scum Co & Sons pro. In honour of this, Will Rosenstock has uploaded his part from Gospel so get watching, grab a copy from The Palomino (which includes a great quality zine featuring the Bust Crew boys), revisit Old Dominion and read Ol’ Gil talk about growing up with Ty and more things Richmond courtesy of Sidewalk Magazine.


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