Welcome Skate Store – ‘RWTBarcelona’

The Welcome Skate Store boys escaped the winter with a week long jaunt in Barcelona which saw Mike Clarkson, Liam Hobson, George Worthington, Dale Starkie, Dean Greensmith, Sam Hutchinson, Martyn Hill, Tom Zealand, Will Sheerin and Cainan McEwan bless Catalonian concrete with West Yorkshire finesse.


Josh Hallett was along to document the above edit and should also  be wrapping up Welcome’s first shop video sometime soon. There’s a heavy emphasis on ‘should’ but word has it the video will be out around March, so keep an eye out via Welcome’s blog and Instagram for more news regarding that.

Reece Leung and Sam ‘Blinky’ Hutchinson (pictured fastplanting) saw fit to put together a little zine chronicling the trip so check out Sidewalk Mag’s offcuts gallery, courtesy of Reese, then purchase a zine from Welcome’s online store.

Music supplied by Welcome and Fabric Skateboards rider Will Sheerin who recently killed it in his ‘First Light’ for Sidewalk Issue 288 alongside providing some candid and comedy filled chatter about being a gay skateboarder. Obligatory reading via the photo below.

Switch backside heelflip, photo: Reece.

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